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Need a bottle or two of wine for dinner tonight? Want to learn about wine? Where are you picking up your next bottle of wine? Where is the best place...

Pico Boulevard in West LA has been a sleepy street for many years. A few restaurants are tucked along the street that have been there forever. And while I live only one mile from Pico Boulevard, I was not going to Pico very often until Khong Ten opened up. And now there is Pikoh LA, located in the former Chan Dara space, that has added a new life to Pico Blvd. The space at Pikoh is modern, open, casual and inviting. The colors are clean, the decor is minimal and there is fresh greenery placed throughout the restaurant. There is a long bar for counter seating, a dining room separated by plants, the front section for happy hour seating and the main dining room. And there is outdoor seating as well. Pikoh is a perfect neighborhood restaurant. Open all day, they serve breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner. But more than having a coffee bar, a cocktail bar and food, Pikoh has delicious, flavorful food that will keep you coming back! This is because Chef Ricardo Zarate, of Rosaline and Los Balcones Studio City, is behind Pikoh LA! And, while this is not another Peruvian restaurant, this all-day casual concept features California cuisines with Peruvian and Asians flavors.
Eating the food inside a gas station sounds rather unappealing. Hot dogs that have been under a heat lamp for who knows how long. Nachos made with something called cheese but who knows what it really is. The idea of eating the food from a gas station is nowhere on my list of desirable. That was until I ate at The Bombay Frankie Company, located inside a Chevron Station. Serving authentic and very tasty Indian food, The Bombay Frankie Company is the Please The Palate pick of the week. Exiting the 405 Freeway at Santa Monica Blvd, a Chevron station sits on the corner. For a few months, every time I drive by, I would note a sign that says The Bombay Frankie Company. I did not see any restaurant entrance or food stands. I only saw the gas station and could not figure out what the sign was referring to.