Luna Grill Offers a Healthy, Affordable, Quick and Tasty Lunch Option

When it comes to lunch-time, there are a few key terms that come to mind. I want a lunch that is healthy, affordable, quick and, of course, tasty. Well, look no further than Luna Grill and the Better Beet Bowl!

Luna Grill has locations throughout Southern California and Dallas, Texas. My friend and I made a stop at the location in Sherman Oaks before heading on the road to Santa Barbara. With a contemporary design, this fast casual chain featuring Mediterranean cuisine was a healthy, affordable, quick and tasty meal before hitting the road. 

Luna Grill has a playful side as well and have managed to create fun phrases, such as “you make the world a feta place,” “your day just got feta,” “I’m falafel-ing in love with you” and “fuel good”, that are found on their t-shirts, in the menu and around the restaurant.

For our lunch, we selected the Better Beet Bowl because, as they say, “you can’t beat the beets.” Beets are high in vitamin C, fiber and essential minerals, such as potassium and manganese so you cannot go wrong with a beet salad. The Better Beet Bowl ($8.25) is a large bowl with organic Spring mix, beets, roasted yellow tomatoes, basil, beta, almonds and house dressing, you can choose to add freshly grilled chicken or falafel, as well as multi-grain lavash or pita.

We also enjoyed a side of stuffed grape leaves with rice, onion and spices ($4.25) 

as well as a plate of hummus and pita ($4.75).

Everything is made in-house and fresh at Luna Grill and they are transparent about what is in each dish with calorie counts included on the menu. So next time you are looking for an affordable, healthy, quick and tasty lunch, try Luna Grill. Find a location near you.