It’s Fowlplay at Upstairs at the Ace Hotel

The cocktails have “gone to the birds” at Upstairs Bar at the Ace Hotel in downtown LA. That is, the new menu at the rooftop bar is dedicated to the birds with a “fowlplay” menu. It’s a pretty creative theme and the result is a very tasty menu!

Upstairs at the Ace Hotel

Did you know that there are 477 species of birds that live in and around downtown LA? According to the new menu, a family of Cooper’s Hawks have made their nest on the radio tower across Broadway and you can see them if you squint hard enough (or have super vision). Also, in the fall and spring, thousands of Voux’s swifts fly across the skyline to the Chester Building chimney on Fifth and Broadway where they roost. And, on the top of the US Bank Building, you can find Peregrine Falcons nesting there.

View from Upstairs at the Ace Hotel View from Upstairs at the Ace Hotel

While people-watching can be fun, the rooftop patio of the Ace Hotel is the perfect spot to do some bird watching while enjoying a cocktail from the descriptive menu Daniel Sabo, Bar Manager Evan Enderle and their bar team have put together.

The drinks are divided into sections:

Birds of the Sea – these drinks are “bouyant, zippy, surprisingly dry”

The drinks in this category all have a little effervescence, either from ginger beer, Cremant de Limoux, club soda or Lambrusco. The Storm Petrel (created by Seth Dean Tabor) is made with citrus vodka, apple brandy, sweet vermouth, ginger, lime, Lambrusco and bolivar bitters. It is refreshing and very easy to drink quickly but the apple brandy adds a bit of depth to the drink.

Storm Petrel

Birds of the Forest – these drinks are “complex, unique, off the beaten path”

The Lovely Cotinga (created by Dede Drake) is made with American gin, Mezcal Espadin, blackberry, lemon, lavender, habanero and sea salt. If you like spice and smoke with a bit of citrus, this is the drink for you.

 Lovely Cotinga

The Winter Wren (created by Owen Wilson) is made with Islay gin, chamomile honey, chamomile grappa, lemon and dried sage. The dried sage on the top comes from Bar Manager Evan Enderle’s backyard in the hills of Los Angeles.

Winter Wren

Birds of Prey – these drinks are “strong, focused, deadly”

The Laughing Falcon (created by Matt Dempsey), made with Mezcal Espadin, apple brandy, cinnamon and cherry bark-vanilla bitter, is not for the fainthearted. It is rich, round and strong.

Laughing Falcon

Birds of the Tropic – these drinks are “big, bright, colorful”

The Pink Flamingo (created by Matt Dempsey), made with Hendrick’s gin, ancho reyes, coconut, cucumber, lime, mint and Jamaica #1 bitters, is a refreshing drink with a nice hit of heat on the palate. To top it off, the drink comes with a pink flamingo.

Pink Flamingo

Birds of Unusual Size – these are the drinks for groups of 6-8 people

Old Birds – these are the classic drinks, including a Mai Tai, Old Fashioned and a frozen drink

Head to the Ace Hotel before the sun sets so that you can check out the birds while sipping your “fowlplay” drink.

Upstairs at the Ace Hotel
929 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90015