Five Fun Wine Facts About Cabernet Sauvignon – Crush On This Episode 139

Everyone has heard of Cabernet Sauvignon, right? And most everyone has poured it in their wine glass! But there are some very interesting facts about Cabernet that you’ll enjoy understanding. In this episode, Allison and I share some of those facts with you with hopes you’re just as amazed as we are! Enjoy this episode and comment at any point especially when you have an ah-ha moment! And of course, subscribe to our channel for more.



0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:39 Origins of Cabernet Sauvignon

0:01:26 Where is Cabernet Sauvignon Grown?

0:02:13 Flavor Profile of Cabernet Sauvignon

0:03:00 Styles of Cabernet Sauvignon

0:03:21 Food Pairing with Cabernet Sauvignon

0:03:55 Conclusion