Five Fun Wine Facts About Grenache – Crush On This Episode 138

Did you know that Grenache, with its bright berry flavors and notes of white pepper, is responsible for some of the most delicious and expensive wines in the world? It is one of the grapes found in the famous French Rhone blend Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It is also made as a single varietal wine and is a wonderfully food-friendly wine. Enjoy the video, give it a like, let us know if you have a favorite Grenache and subscribe to our channel for more.



0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:29 About Grenache

0:00:47 Origins of Grenache

0:01:21 Where is Grenache Grown?

0:01:42 Flavor Profile of Grenache

0:02:05 Styles of Grenache

0:02:33 Food Pairing with Grenache

0:02:49 Conclusion