Ravioli and Wine Pairings – Crush On This Episode 140

Ravioli is a classic Italian dish. Made of pasta parcels stuffed with cheese and a wide array of fillings, ravioli is almost always served with pasta sauce. Whether it’s creamy like Alfredo or tomato-based like a marinara, both white and red wines are luscious pairings. But how do we decide which wines to pour? 

In this episode, the Crush on this team will explain, then share some of their favorite ravioli dishes and a preferred wine for pairing. Let us know your favorite ravioli and wine pairing and subscribe to our channel for more

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0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:48 General wine and ravioli pairing ideas

0:02:22 Allison shares her ravioli and wine pairing

0:04:35 Cindy shares her ravioli and wine pairing

0:06:48 Conclusion