Entrepreneurs Create New Twists On Wine

We love wine but then, what’s not to love about wine? There are so many choices between varietals, regions and producers that you can never run out of options.

But sometimes you crave something different. Two Northern California companies are creating products that are a twist on wine -– Encanto Pisco and Jardesca California Aperitiva.

It’s obvious that in order to make good wine, you need good grapes. But good grapes are also necessary as the basis for any grape-based product. This is what sets apart both Encanto and Jardesca. And, it is the quality of the grapes and the base wines that they produce that inspire Master Blender Duggan McDonnell.

“The grape just might be God’s perfect creation. Delicious, viscous and round, it ferments perfectly into alcohol,” McDonnell said. “Something we often forget is that the best grapes deliver the most flavor. When I’m blending the liquid for both of these brands, I’m astonished by how simple and delicious they can be.”

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