Discovering Fundamental LA Through Dine LA

DineLA is here again. For 12-14 days, twice a year (winter and summer), hundreds of restaurants around Los Angeles offer prix fixe menus for less than their normal price. It is the perfect time to head to the restaurants on your list that you have been meaning try.

On my list was Fundamental LA. A neighborhood restaurant in Westwood, I had been hearing great things about the fresh farmer’s market ingredient menu. So, a couple of friends and I went to dinner there the other night.

The small plate menu is divided up into 4 sections and with the Dine LA menu, you can chose one item from each section for $40. This is a great value as each dish ranges from $12-$22 each and you could easily spend more for less if you order a la carte. And, with friends, we managed to order different items in each section and then shared.

The flavors of each dish is matched by its presentation. Although it seemed that most of the dishes were plates on one half of a large plate, they all looked like works of art.

First Course

The Hamachi Belly with sour plum, shiso and ginger granite

Hamachi Belly

The Corn Soup, served cold with grilled corn, bell pepper and brown butter

Corn Soup

Second Course

Grilled Lambchetta with polenta, watermelon and shisto

Grilled Lambchetta

Confit Artichoke with smoked mozzarella curd, turnip and herbs

Confit Artichoke

Heirloom Carrots with almond mole, yogurt and meringue

Heirloom Carrots

Third Course

Pork Belly and Sword Squid with apple, broccolini and shilling bean

Pork Belly and Sword Squid

Wild Salmon with turnip, celery root puree and fumet

Wild Salmon

Diver Scallops with torpedo onion, chanterelle, sunflower seet and chorizo

Diver Scallops

Fourth Course

Angel Food Sponge with strawberries, basil and buttermilk creme

Angel Food Sponge

Chocolate Ganache with horchata ice cream, almond and rice crunch

Chocolate Ganache

Churros with butterscotch


As delicious as the food was, what impressed me all the more was the wine list created by Sommelier Alicia Kemper. The list is succinct but creative and diverse. There are wines from around the world, including Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Morocco, France, Italy, Spain, California and even England! And, interesting varietals like Gros Manseng, Hondarribi Zuri, Limnio, Furmint and more. I am heading back there soon just to enjoy a glass of wine with a small plate or two.

DineLA runs from July 13-26, 2015 and then again in January 2016. Mark your calendars and take advantage of the prix fixe menus and great pricing.

Fundamental LA
1303 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles
(310) 444-7581