Cooking at Home Just Got Easier with Blue Apron

Want to prepare healthy, flavorful and creative meals at home but don’t have a lot of time? Or does it get expensive buying ingredients for each dish you want to make? Here’s the perfect solution – Blue Apron!

The list of recipes is endless and changes weekly. Perhaps you will make Asian chicken lettuce wraps with forbidden rice or dukkah-dusted tilapia with eggplant sofrito and blistered peppers. Or maybe you’re are in the mood for roasted poblano and quinoa sopes with avocado, arugula and cherry tomato salad. The list goes on!

Blue Apron Menu

Products are sourced from local high-quality suppliers and meats are naturally raised on an antibiotic- and hormone-free diet. And, if you have dietary restrictions, don’t worry! Blue Apron personalizes each weekly menu and can accommodate vegetarians, pescetarians and omnivores. No matter your diet, each meal is well-balanced, healthy and quick to prepare.

Each week, six new recipes are provided with step-by-step instructions.

Blue Apron Menu Instructions

All you need is salt, pepper and olive oil, and of course standard pots, pans and knives. All of the raw ingredients will be delivered to you, perfectly measured out.

Blue Apron Ingredients Preparing Ingredients

Meals will stay fresh for the week in which you order them. And, if you really like something that you made, the recipes are available online as well to try again on your own.

Preparing Ingredients

When you sign up, you will receive a minimum of three meals (each meal serves two people) delivered for the week. The cost is $9.99 per person/ per meal and there are no additional fees, such as shipping and membership. If you need to cancel one week, go ahead and if you want more than three meals, add more.

Grilled Steak Tacos

With Blue Apron, you will feel like a gourmet chef with very little effort.