A Spirits Brand That’s Taking Sustainability to New Heights

This post originally appeared on FoodableTV.com

Since 1970, April 22nd has marked the anniversary of Earth Day, representing the birth of the modern environmental movement. It was on that day in 1970 that 20 million Americans across the country united in their shared values and demonstrated for a healthy, sustainable environment. Large campaigns took place again in 1990, 2000 and 2010 and each year in between communities around the world have celebrated the day. Earth Day reminds us that we need to take care of our environment. People spend the day cleaning up, planting gardens and getting involved in countless ways. But, why is Earth Day just one day? Every day should be Earth Day.


One company does make every day Earth Day — VEEV, a premium organic açai spirit handcrafted with all-natural, organic ingredients. Açai is an organic, exotic Brazilian fruit with a natural sweet taste and is filled with antioxidants. Distilled with premium Idaho winter wheat and Rocky Mountain water from the Snake River, VEEV was created as a “better” alternative to vodka. According to the company, with the exception of the Brazilian açai, all of VEEV’s ingredients are sourced within 300 miles of its distillery.

Taking Eco-Friendly to the Next Level

In addition to using organic ingredients, VEEV’s distillery is the only distiller in American to get its power through renewable wind energy. Their four column distillation process uses 200% less energy than a traditional pot still.

VEEV is the world’s first Carbon Neutral Spirit®, meaning they are the first spirits company in the world to offset its carbon footprint. VEEV is also a member of the 1% For The Planet, donating 1% of all sales to rainforest conservation initiatives.

The company promotes sustainable living and aligns itself with nonprofits that propel its passions. VEEV sponsors events like Heal the Bay and Global Green. And on Earth Day this year, VEEV teamed up with the Do Good Bus for a day of service. The Do Good Bus creates community and awareness by organizing group trips to do good things. Employees and friends hopped aboard the bus and traveled to Venice Beach, where they helped collect over 2,000 littered cigarettes, soda cans, Styrofoam, and countless other harmful waste.

Practice What You Preach

While the brand is environmentally aware, so is the internal company. Forty percent of VEEV employees drive hybrids or use public transportation everyday. And the VEEV office is sustainable with cork floors, reclaimed 1930 Douglas Fir wood, and an open floor plan which decreases lighting.

Giving back is part of the company’s DNA. Since its start, founders (and brothers) Courtney and Carter Reum have supported the motto “a better way to drink.” However, to be a successful business, a question that they continually face is: How do you stay in business while being sustainable? Being socially responsible and sustainable is the core essence of VEEV’s philosophy. But according to Carter Reum, “Being sustainable and compostable means you need to know the bottom line. You can’t win every battle. But, our lifelong commitment is to being environmentally and socially responsible.”

To date, VEEV has donated $200K+ to support green-minded nonprofits and charity events, $100K+ back to the Brazilian Rainforest, 40,000+ trees have been planted in Brazil, 500 totes have been recycled from vinyl used in VEEV billboard campaigns and 2.2 million açai seeds have been upcycled into VEEV Sustainability Bracelets to raise awareness about rainforest preservation.

Celebrate Earth Day every day and support brands like VEEV that live their words. Every little step helps to take care of our planet.