48 Hours in Cappadocia, Turkey

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Cappadocia

Known for its unique moon-like landscape, underground cities, cave churches and houses carved in the rocks, 48 hours in Cappadocia is a whirlwind of wonder. The Göreme valley was shaped by ancient volcanic eruptions that eroded, leaving a landscape of cones, chimneys and mushrooms that reach up to 130 feet and speckle the land—like something out of a fairytale. Humans also contributed, carving caves for living quarters, tunnels, churches, storage areas and stables from the soft rock thousands of years ago (circa 1800-1200 B.C.).

Goin’ Underground

My first stop was at the Derinkuyu Underground, an ancient city that spans nearly 200 feet deep underground. I wandered deeper and deeper below, into another world that dates back to the 7th or 8th century B.C. It’s pretty amazing to think about centuries of peoples living in this fully functioning underground city that included wine and oil presses, stables, cellars, storage rooms and chapels with approximately 20,000 residents, as well as their livestock!

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