Upgrade your Wine. Upgrade your Life – With UndergroundCellar.com


After three months of beta testing and over $200,000 of wine sales, Underground Cellar is live! This is a fun new way for you to experience high-end wines that you might not otherwise buy, or for that matter, have access to.

What sets Underground Cellar apart from other online retailers and wine clubs is that they use a “reverse discount” upgrade model, as opposed to the “deep discount” e-commerce model. This means that consumers are rewarded with random upgrades to more premium wines. At the same time, the winery can protect its brands by not advertising their wines at discounted prices.

Here’s how it works:

1) Sign up for free

When you sign up, you can also invite friends to sign up. When they sign up, you get 10 Influence Points. The more influence points you have, the higher your chances are of getting upgraded wines.

Also, every time a friend’s first order ships, you will get 20 in site credit to buy wine!

Step 1: View Our Deals

2) View the deal

Each deal is made up of variously priced bottles.

Step 2: Buy An Offer

3) Buy an offer

Choose how many bottles you want and pay for each at the lowest priced bottle. for example, if an offer has bottles available between $25-$100, you will only pay $25 for each.

Step 3: Get Free Upgrades

4) Get free upgrades

Every bottle is eligible for a free upgrade to a more expensive bottle. And the best part is that you can find out your upgrades as soon as you checkout!

Build up those Influence Points when you buy wine, participate in discussions and other activities on the site, as well as refer friends. The more points, the more upgrades!

5) Store your wines in the “CloudCellar”

Underground Cellar allow you to accumulate orders and store them for free for an unlimited amount of time in their state-of-the-art, humidity and temperature controlled wine cellar located in Napa Valley, CA.  By building up your shipment, you, you can save on shipping fees (it’s only $5 to ship 6 bottles, but shipping is free on 12 or more bottles). Plus when they ship you your wine, it will arrive chilled and ready to drink.

Want to see a fun little video that explains it all?  Click here.

Have fun shopping….and drinking! Cheers!