Uncle Paulie’s Deli Brings A Touch of New York to LA

If there is an image that comes to mind of a New York Italian Deli, it would be a place to buy Italian-American specialties, cold cuts (Genoa salami, prosciutto) and made to order sandwiches and salads with few tables, if any, and a heavyset owner named Saul or Paulie who has a strong New York accent and says words like “mutzadell” (mozarella) and “pruh-zhoot” (prosciutto).

Now, here in LA, Italian delis are not a common thing to find. When New Yorker Paul J. came to Los Angeles three years ago from Queens, he could not find a good sandwich like in New York. So, he opened an Italian Deli in the heart of LA and named it Uncle Paulie’s. Despite the name fitting my stereotype, nothing else does.

Uncle Paulie’s Deli is located on Beverly Blvd, just east of La Cienega, and a couple doors down from the busy Kings Road Cafe. A not too large space, Uncle Paulie’s is a clean and modern space with white subway tile walls, wood floors and a long deli counter showcasing imported Italian cured meats and cheeses, local produce, fresh pressed olive oils, spices and other fresh ingredients.

Except for the imported meats and cheeses, and the locally made bread, everything is prepared in house, from the pickles and potato salad to the tuna salad and eggplant caponata. Much of the fresh ingredients are from the local farmer’s markets that Uncle Paulie’s shops at each week.

The sandwiches are made on fresh sesame rolls from Normandie Bakery. The sandwiches, of which there are 11 to chose from, are not over-stuffed and the flavors are fresh, not heavy and greasy.

The Lois is made with eggplant caponata, roasted red peppers, ricotta salata and arugula.

The Austin is made with salami, aged provolone and Italian chopped salad. In fact, it is a chopped salad placed between two pieces of bread.

For a side salad, there is an Italian chopped salad (radicchio, salami, provolone, chickpeas, red wine vinaigrette), eggplant caponata (eggplant, celery, onions, olives, golden raisins), shaved Brussels sprouts (raisins, pine nuts, ricotta salata, breadcrumbs, lemon vinaigrette) and potato salad.

The potato salad is a German-style salad and made with mixed pee wee potatoes, house pickles, dill, lemon and vinegar. The citrus notes really stand out in this salad.

To drink, there is a cooler with a selection of bottled drinks but there is also homemade lemonade and home-brewed iced tea.

For dessert, enjoy a fresh baked treat. Mike, who you will find working at the front counter, makes all the baked goods with his girlfriend Alex. The recipes are from his mom who lives in New York. He makes her cheese cake (which sells out quickly), dark chocolate brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate rice krispy treats and blueberry muffins. Personally, I loved the chocolate chip cookies with big pieces of dark chocolate and a hint of salt and the rice krispy treats.

Like an Italian Deli in New York, Uncle Paulie’s has limited seating but there is counter seating inside and a few tables outside so you can sit and enjoy a sandwich or take your order to go. There are also imported Italian products available for purchase.

Open for breakfast and lunch daily.

Uncle Paulie’s Deli
8369 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 746-5545