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If there is an image that comes to mind of a New York Italian Deli, it would be a place to buy Italian-American specialties, cold cuts (Genoa salami, prosciutto) and made to order sandwiches and salads with few tables, if any, and a heavyset owner named Saul or Paulie who has a strong New York accent and says words like “mutzadell" (mozarella) and “pruh-zhoot” (prosciutto). Now, here in LA, Italian delis are not a common thing to find. When New Yorker Paul J. came to Los Angeles three years ago from Queens, he could not find a good sandwich like in New York. So, he opened an Italian Deli in the heart of LA and named it Uncle Paulie's. Despite the name fitting my stereotype, nothing else does. Uncle Paulie's Deli is located on Beverly Blvd, just east of La Cienega, and a couple doors down from the busy Kings Road Cafe. A not too large space, Uncle Paulie's is a clean and modern space with white subway tile walls, wood floors and a long deli counter showcasing imported Italian cured meats and cheeses, local produce, fresh pressed olive oils, spices and other fresh ingredients.