The tasting of a lifetime: The great first growth of Royal Tokaji

In the wine industry, there are many once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Tasting a wine for the first time, pulling an old vintage out of the cellar, sitting with winemakers and tasting their wines, every wine experience is unique in its own way. But, from time to time a tasting takes place that takes once in a lifetime to a new level. At Pebble Beach Food and Wine in April, a tasting took place that really was the tasting of a lifetime.

Royal Tokaji

Since Royal Tokaji started in 1990, they have produced only 10 vintages, made only in exceptional years. Our tasting of a lifetime was a complete history of the company through nine of its vintages (sadly, there is no more 1993 left).

Royal Tokaji

Tokaj is a region in northeast Hungary. It was the first vineyard classification in the world in 1700, more than 150 years before the Bordeaux classification of 1855. The wines of Tokaj were consumed by royalty, emperors, popes and czars for more than 300 years.

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