The Official Sparkling Wine at the Emmys Is From…Italy

Last month, the 70th Annual Emmy Awards took place in Los Angeles. Lots of sparkling wine was being poured and that wine was not Champagne… was a sparkling wine from Italy, the Ferrari Brut Trento DOC! I wrote about how an Italian wine became the official sparkling wine of the Emmys in a recent column in the Napa Valley Register which you can read here.

The 70th Annual Emmy Awards took place this week, and throughout all the pre- and post-Emmy events, as well as at the ceremony itself, sparkling wine was being drunk.

Logically, you might think it was Champagne. But, in fact, the Official Sparkling Wine of Emmy Awards is from Italy. It is Ferrari Trento Brut DOC, a blanc de blanc made from Chardonnay and matured for two years in the bottle.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Ferrari Trento has been an official part of the Emmys. Matteo Lunelli, president and CEO of Ferrari Trento said, “We are proud to celebrate the Television Academy’s 70th Emmy Awards season and the tremendous artistic accomplishments of the television industry in the past year. We are honored to have been chosen once again as the toast of excellence in television entertainment. We are also delighted to bring a touch of Italian lifestyle to this glamorous season of celebration.”

How did an Italian sparkling wine end up the exclusive wine of the Emmys? Sommelier Jamie Stewart, the U.S. brand ambassador and import director for Ferrari Trento, set his sights on the Emmys as a synergistic partner due to their shared drive for excellence, he said.

But for many years, the official sparkling wine of the Emmys was Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne. Stewart introduced Ferrari Trento to the Television Academy and had them taste the wine in a blind tasting against Champagne. Ferrari Trento was the favorite in the tasting and became the Official Sparkling Wine of Emmys.

This is not too surprising considering Ferrari Trento is Italy’s most awarded sparkling wine and was crowned Producer of the Year at the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships in London in 2017, marking the first time an Italian wine has been awarded this honor.

Ferrari Trento is located in the Trentino region in northeastern section of Italy. The vineyards are located 400 to 700 meters above sea level and are an expression of the mountain terroir. The days are warm, but the nights are cold as the cool air comes down the mountain.

Lunelli joked that in Trentino, “The snow and sun of Italy come at the same time.” The diurnal shifts enable the grapes to achieve maturation while maintaining freshness and this translates to the style and elegance of the wine.

Ferrari Trento and the Television Academy both embody excellence and elegance and are pinnacles of quality in their respective fields. Ferrari Trento is a brand the celebrates the “Italian art of living” and the Emmys is about Hollywood glamour. Together, it is a perfect partnership.

Read the original story in the Napa Valley Register.