The Drought Is Over: Welcome NEFT Vodka

For the August Issue of BIN Magazine, I had the pleasure to write the feature story about NEFT Vodka, a truly unique brand, from the packaging, branding, and ingredients to the company ethos of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

The Drought Is Over: Welcome NEFT Vodka

Finally, the drought is over. How long have we waited for something truly unique to emerge in the
already crowded vodka market? Enter NEFT, a super-premium vodka that comes in a barrel shaped like
a small oil drum and keeps the spirit cold for six hours in any season. But make no mistake, the intriguing
packaging is no gimmick: inside is a sublimely smooth vodka so good that many experts say they prefer to
sip it neat. In fact, NEFT is so good it will change the way you think about vodka.

Long criticized for its flavorless, odorless profile, vodka has most commonly been used as a mixing agent,
unable to stand on its own. However there has been major shift in the market, and consumers are increasingly
favoring super-premium vodkas with taste, rather than a lack thereof. NEFT is made from only two
ingredients, 100 percent rye grains and pure Austrian spring water. This decidedly rare combination results
in a flavorful vodka with hints of lemon, black pepper, and creamy vanilla for a slightly sweet finish. It is no
wonder NEFT is emerging as a leader in this new category of vodkas that are best served neat or on the rocks.

Read more about NEFT Vodka and what sets this brand apart in the August Issue of BIN Magazine.