The Cellar Beverly Hills – Modern Wine Storage with Luxury Concierge Services

Is your wine collection exceeding the space you have at home? Looking for somewhere to safely and properly store your wines? The Cellar Beverly Hills is Los Angeles’ newest wine storage facility, combining modern wine storage with luxury concierge services.

The Cellar Beverly Hills is located in the basement of an office building in the heart of Beverly Hills. Owner Sam Bialosky spent two years renovating and updating the space that was formerly a storage area for designer goods. Now the space can hold 50,000 bottles. There are 275 (eventually there will be more than 300) custom-made lockers, made from 600 pounds of steel, that come as four, eight or twenty-case lockers. In addition there are ten walk-in rooms available. The lockers are available for rent on an annual basis.

The functional space is open and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to proper cellar temperature, lighting and humidity regulations, the security is top-notch. The entire facility features multi-tiered bio-metrics, 24/7 video surveillance and on-site security. Each locker door is individually wired and tied to the owner’s account, enabling the owner to monitor their collection from their phone.

Bialosky was working in public relations when he started to consult on cellar design, first for his parents and later for others. Not only did this inspire him to create The Cellar Beverly Hills but also to offer luxury concierge services for his clients. In addition to the wine storage and high security, The Cellar Beverly Hills offers concierge services, such as wine inventory and wine delivery. And everything can be done through the web app. Tasting wine in wine country and you decide to buy a case? You can have the case shipped directly to your locker to be inventoried and stored for you. Heading to dinner? Select the wine(s) you would like to enjoy at dinner and The Cellar Beverly Hills will drop off the wine, with instructions for service.

Whether you have 100 bottles or 1500 bottles, if you are looking for somewhere to store your wine collection, check out The Cellar Beverly Hills.

The Cellar Beverly Hills
9250 Wilshire Blvd, Cellar
Beverly Hills, CA 90210