Sushi for All at Kabuki Japanese Restaurants

Los Angeles is filled with sushi bars and in full disclosure, I am a traditionalist when it comes to sushi.  I love little hole-in-the-wall sushi bars that are not about décor or fuss or “Americanized” rolls but rather about the fresh melt-in-your-mouth sushi and sashimi. But, some of my friends like the creative rolls like Philadelphia rolls, Rainbow rolls and more. And, yes, I even have a few friends who are vegetarians or gluten free. So, where can we go that will satisfy all of our likes? Kabuki Japanese Restaurant

Named after the traditional Japanese theater which began performing during the Edo Period in the 17th century, Kabuki Japanese Restaurant is perfect for the novice sushi eater and the more experienced. With more than 200 dishes on the menu, it can be quite overwhelming to choose!

We started with three items recommended by our friendly server from lenthy Appetizer section:

BBQ Beef Ribs – marinated Asian style with a sweet aftertaste

Tebasaki Karaage – crispy chicken wings marinated in sweet soy sauce

Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice – a popular dish at many Japanese restaurants, the spicy tuna had a nice kick but the jalapeno set it on fire!

From appetizers we moved to the Specialty Roll list:

King Crab Roll – a California Roll made with real King Crab, not krab

Smokey Philly Roll – the smoked salmon added a nice touch to popular salmon and cream cheese roll

Albacore Crunch Roll – albacore wrapped around krab and shrimp tempura served over spicy ponzu sauce also had a kick to it.

While we enjoyed sushi and meat, there is also a new menu specifically with vegetarian and gluten free options, like Kabuki’s Veggie Rainbow Roll (made with thinly vegetables instead of fish), Spicy Tofu on Crispy Rice, Tofu Steak, and Veggie Ramen, just to name a few. So, there really is something for everyone on the menu!

As for drinks, there is a small cocktail menu and we tried a few of the drinks. A bit sweet for my taste, I would suggest going with sake, especially since the sake selection has been created by one of only two Master Sake Sommeliers currently in North America, Master Sake Sommelier Yuji Matsumoto


With 13 restaurants in Southern California, as well as two locations each in Arizona and Nevada, find a location near you!