Seasonal Menu Changes at Roku Sunset

It has been almost a year since Roku opened on the Sunset Strip. The 8,000 square-foot modern restaurant with black-and-white marble flooring, manicured Bonsai trees and a warm, sophisticated vibe has been a popular spot for celebrities. It is a restaurant that can please most palates as they offer sushi, teppanyaki, new style appetizers, inventive entrees and, of course, favorite dishes from the iconic Sushi Roku.


With the menu changing seasonally, we went to try the new items on ROKU’s menu.

Shishito Peppers – Typical shishito peppers are elevated with a yuzu miso sauce and melted Parmesan


Crispy Calamari with Charred Jalapeno Glaze, Red Onion and Thai Basil – The calamari is lightly battered and very tender with a sweet and spicy sauce.


Kanpachi Sashimi, Wasabi Yuzu, Strawberries, Oro Blanco – The chef creates new sashimi dishes regularly and the kanpachi was one of them. As pretty to look at as to eat, the sweetness from the strawberries, the acid of the yuzu and the spice of the wasabi enhance the delicate fish without overwhelming it.


Seared Salmon Sashimi, Togarashi Crust, Avocado, Cilantro, Jalapeno, Salad – Another sashimi dish, the togarashi crush adds a little kick but is muted by the avocado.


Hibachi Shrimp Salad, Shaved Vegetables, Honey Soy Vinaigrette – Such a simple salad and yet full of flavor. The shrimp are grilled and served over fresh shaved vegetables and the sweet dressing brings all the flavors and textures together.


Tuna Tataki, Figs, Goat Cheese, Almond Sauce, Garlic Chips – Visually not the most attractive dish and I was a curious about the combination of ingredients. Figs and goat cheese work together and the tuna is meaty enough to stand up to them.


Filet Toban Yaki, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Asparagus, Garlic Truffle Ponzu – Served in a sizzled bowl, the garlic truffle ponzu is quite rich and while the dish is not large, it will fill you up.


Roku Sunset
9201 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069