Reinventing Old School Drinks at The Square SF

When I think of North Beach in San Francisco, I think of all of the Italian restaurants that line the streets. But located just off Washington Square Park on the corner of Union and Powell is The Square SF.

The Square (1)

The Square SF opened earlier this year in the location that used to be the famous Washington Square Bar & Grill. But today, The Square is a modern gastropub.

The Square (2)

While in San Francisco for an event, I ventured over to The Square to see Bar Manager Claire Sprouse who created a cocktail menu that is a play on 70s and ’80s with a modern approach.

Claire Sprouse

The first drink was a Champagne Cocktail from off the menu to wake up my palate. I quickly moved to a White Wine Spritz (sherry, pineapple, black pepper, bitter lemon – $11). Nothing like your classic white wine spritz, the spiciness of the black pepper and the tartness of the lemon integrated well with the dry, nutty sherry.

Champagne Cocktail White Wine Spritz

With the drinks flowing, I ordered a few plates to enjoy with my cocktails. The menu is very manageable with a selection of small plates and larger dishes. The seasonal menu includes many ingredients that are grown on their own farm and the presentation of each dish is vibrant and enticing. 

The Fried Oysters and Dill Emulsion ($13)

Fried Oysters and dill emulsion

Baby kale salad, feta and pistachios ($12)

baby kale salad, feta and pistachio

The next round of drinks included an Apple-Tini (apple brandy, sour apple, lemon, honey and absinthe – $12) and a signature Claire-ified White Russian (rye whiskey, coffee, milk, allspice – $12)

The Apple-tini is nothing like the florescent green, overly-sweet drink we have all come to hate. Rather is fragrant and balanced between tart and sweet. And, the Claire-ified White Russian is a play on a clarified milk punch. You can taste the coffee and milk but the drink is crystal clear and not too sweet.

Apple-tini  Claire-ified white russian

Ricotta, english peas and potatoes ($13)

ricotta, english peas and potatoes

Slow cooked pork belly, watermelon radish and hearts of palm ($15)

Slow cooked pork belly, watermelon radish and hearts of palm

Roasted Strawberries, fromage blanch ice cream and graham ($9)

Roasted strawberries, fromage blanc ice cream and graham (2)

The Square SF is a neighborhood restaurant but visitors will also feel at home.

The Square SF
1707 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA
(415) 525-3579