Please The Palate Wine of the Week: Republic of Pink 2018 Central Coast Rosé 

Rosé season is definitely here, not that we need a season to drink really good rosé. But, alas, it is summer, the sun is shining, the weather is warm and a shimming glass of pink wine makes me smile. The Please The Palate Wine of the Week, and the wine that is making me smile this week, is the Republic of Pink Rosé 2018, Central Coast.

Born in Los Angeles, Republic of Pink was founded by Jason Martin who is determined to make the best rosé on the planet. That may be a lofty goal but he is off to a good start.

Republic of Pink 2018 Central Coast Rosé is a blend of  38% Grenache, 30% Mourvedre, 30% Syrah and 2% Cabernet Franc. The wine is a pale salmon pink color. It is fun and fruity on the nose with notes of strawberry, watermelon and citrus. On the palate, the wine opens up with a velvety roundness and an underlying juiciness and finishes with refreshingly crisp acidity.

800 cases of the Republic of Pink 2018 Central Coast Rosé was made. You can find it on wine lists around Los Angeles but you can also buy it on the Republic of Pink website for $17.99.

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