Oscar Worthy Wines

This story was written for and posted originally at Capture Wine Tour

As we all watch with baited breath to see who wins Best Picture at the 2015 Academy Awards, the team at Capture Wine Tour has pulled together a line-up of wines we feel pair best with each nominee.

And the awards go to…

American Sniper – Based on the story of Chris Kyle, oneof the most skilled snipers in US military history, American Sniper needs to be paired with an impactful wine that leaves a lasting impression.

Like the sharp bullet of a sniper, we suggest pairing this heart pumping film with a Sauvignon Blanc, a wine that is bright and crisp with excellent acidity.

Our Wine Suggestion:  J Christopher 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, Willamette Valley

Birdman– In Michael Keaton’s come back role, Birdman’s Riggan Thomson wants to re establish himself as a serious actor.  Wines redefine themselves every season.

A storyline like that makes us think of Chardonnay – a beautiful grape varietal that has been redefining itself to the American palate. It’s no longer about big oaky, butter-bombs but about the balance that results in an elegant wine with both acid and structure.

Our Wine Suggestion: Chehalem 2011 Ian’s Reserve Chardonnay

Boyhood– In this relatable film, we watch Mason grow-up over 12 years and experience the joys and difficulties of childhood. The perfect pairing for a coming-of-age film such as this, is a wine that follows the same journey.

We suggest a wine with great aging potential, like a Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet can start out with bright fruits and big tannins but as it ages, the tannins soften and secondary aromas like leather, tobacco and spices start to emerge.

Our Wine Suggestion: Calluna Vineyards 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon “Colonel’s Vineyard”

The Grand Budapest Hotel – An eclectic story about a hotel concierge, his lobby boy, and their adventures, this flick needs a wine with imagination.

For this, we picked a quirky, obscure wine made with grape varietals that are not typically grown in the US.

Our Wine Suggestion: Van Duzer Perplexity (51% Souzão, 23% Tinta Cão, 15% Valdepeñas, 11% Tourigal)

The Imitation Game – Alan Turing was a brilliant man who cracked the code of a German Enigma encryption machine, while at the same time hiding his true identify from the world.

For this pairing, it’s all about the layeea and we’re confident Pinot Noir is the perfect grape for this pairing. A complex and elegant wine that has many layers to it, Pinot Noir reflects its place of origin and remains true to itself.

Our Wine Suggestion: Alma Fria Pinot Noir

Selma– The iconic story of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s historic 1965 freedom marches from Selma to Montgomery, Selma infused passion into all who watched it.

A poignant film and incredible story, Selma inspires us to sip Pinot Noir – a wine that embodies passion and depth of character.

Our Wine Suggestion: Van Duzer Vineyards Pinot Noir

The Theory of Everything – This incredibly moving story of Stephen Hawking and wife’s love, faith, passion, and determination deserves a wine that embodies the same characteristics.

This story makes us long for a romantic rosé.  The beautiful pink color and fruity aromas represent love, while the ability of rosé wine to stand up to food represents strength and passion.

Our Wine Suggestion: Laurel Glen Crazy Old Vine Rosé

Whiplash– Through relentless humiliation and fear, music teacher Terence Fletcher pushes 19-year-old music conservatory student Andrew. But, how far will he go?

This intense, disturbing, and yet driven movie makes us think of nothing other than Petite Syrah, an inky dark wine with intense aromas and flavors.

Our Wine Suggestion: Neal Family 2010 Rutherford Dust Petite Syrah

No matter which film goes home with the Academy Award, we hope you enjoy the show and all ofthe wonderful wines we’ve presented to go with them.

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