Karas Winery: A Family’s Journey Home and the Rebirth of Wine in Armenia

For the October Issue of BIN Magazine, I had the pleasure to write a profile story about Karas Winery in Armenia, sharing the story of a family’s journey home and the rebirth of wine in Armenia.

Fleeing the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century, hundreds of thousands of Armenians fled their country, including the Eurnekian family who emigrated to Argentina. The Eurnekian family found success working in textiles and raised three sons, including Eduardo Eurnekian who followed in his father’s footsteps leading the company, and later diversifying into other businesses.

Returning to Armenia was not possible for the Eurnekian family or others because it was part of the Soviet Union. But, Eduardo, like many Armenian expats, had always supported family and friends in Armenia. When the Soviet Union fell in the early 1990s, Armenia was left abandoned. Committed to the Armenian cause, Eduardo wanted to be a part of this new era and invest in Armenia, ultimately having a positive impact in the country.

While he did not have a background in wine, Eduardo had always loved wine. He saw wine as a way to work the land of his ancestors while creating long-term quality jobs. He would build a bridge between Armenia and the rest of the world through wine.

Read more about Karas Winery in the October Issue of BIN Magazine.