Ferrari-Carano’s Sustainable Practices: For The Wine And The Environment

Don and Rhonda Carano have been producing wine in Sonoma County since 1979, when they purchased a single 60-acre parcel of land in Alexander Valley. Today, they own 20 state vineyards in six different appellations, totaling over 1,900 acres. From mountain to bench land to valley floor, the Ferrari-Carano vineyards spread over a 75 mile radius and each vineyard offers a diverse microclimate and soil.

The unique diversity of grape flavors, textures and structures of each vineyard is achieved through a balanced combination of climate, soil and plant material. Ferrari-Carano vineyard practices are customized to match the particular characteristics of each vineyard to help the vines produce the best fruit possible. Don and Rhonda Carano realized that to achieve their goal of producing high quality memorable wines starts in the vineyards, and began practicing sustainable farming techniques to grow the best grapes, as well as to help protect the land for future generations. Dry farming, unique trellising systems and canopy management on their hillside and mountain vineyards conserves water and energy, and also benefits the vine by producing concentrated, tiny berry grape clusters.

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