Ferrari-Carano Brings The Vineyard to Your Computer

We rely heavily on the internet to gather information. First impressions often leave a lasting one which means that a website tells a lot about who you are – from the design to the content, much like assessing someone from the inside out. Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery, who have been producing wine in Sonoma since 1979 and have 19 estate vineyards that range from mountain to bench land to valley floor spreading over a fifty mile radius and five different appellations, totaling over 1,400 acres, has mastered its online presence in a way that takes you directly to the source of the vineyards – making your senses tingle as if you’re amongst the vines enjoying a glass with the winemakers themselves.

To communicate their presence to customers, Ferrari-Carano re-launched their website Their new website has gotten a facelift and today it is cleaner, fresher looking, with new images and easier to navigate. The website is visually appealing; from the home page and beyond, it is eye-catching and quickly draws you in.

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