Eating in New Orleans: Louisiana Bistro

Last year on our final night in New Orleans, we happened upon a small bistro in the French Quarter, just off of Bourbon Street, and thought it looked like a quiet, charming place to eat. After a week of over-indulging in food and drink, we were looking for something simple. We were in for a big surprise as we had stumbled upon a hidden gem.

As we planned our return trip to New Orleans this year, the first thing we did after booking our flights was make a reservation for dinner at Louisiana Bistro. We decided to book it for our first night in town when we knew we would have the biggest appetite.

At Louisiana Bistro, Chef Mars offers a contemporary twist on classic Creole cuisine. Featuring delicious local seafood and seasonal fruits and vegetables, this menu is as fresh as it gets in NOLA. With around only a dozen tables, the setting is intimate and exclusive – reservations are recommended and most often required to snag a seat.

Chef Mars is the brains behind creative gumbo dishes and the 3-6 course “Feed Me!” menu. For those who are more adventurous, the “feed me” menu is something you can’t miss. A truly freestyle tasting menu is served up by Chef Mars himself, when you select the “Feed Me” menu. Chef Mars then comes to the table asking if you have any allergies or if there is something you don’t eat. Be careful what you answer. I mentioned that I don’t prefer offal and his response was, “Do you want the ‘Feed Me’ or not? Because when I go back to the kitchen I will forget everything you said.”

My response was that I definitely wanted the “Feed Me” menu. This truly one of a kind menu is made off the cusp by the chef and prepares no two tables the same dish-highlighting the freshest of ingredients and recipes the chef has to offer. The only other decision we had to make was how many courses – 3, 4, 5, 6? You can do as many as you want but the portions do not get any smaller the more you order. We selected the 4 course “Feed Me” menu and Chef Mars was off.

1st Course: Pecan Pesto Shrimp with Cheddar Grits

2nd Course: Grilled Amberjack with Apple Slaw and Cane Syrup Vinaigrette

3rd Course: Blue Crab Etouffee with Bourbon Mash Sweet Potatoes

4th Course: Rabbit Creole – Slow Simmered Rabbit Leg with Andouille Sausage Over White Rice

Dessert: Cream Cheese Ice Cream with Balsamic Reduction and Fresh Berries

Without a doubt, Louisiana Bistro should be on your list if you are visiting New Orleans. It remains on mine and we will be back again next year!

Louisiana Bistro
337 Dauphine St
New Orleans, LA 70112