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Eating in New Orleans is one of my favorite annual trips. After all, in New Orleans they know how to fry food like nobody's business. Po boys, beignets, gumbo....what's not to like?!?! And, now Angelenos don't have to travel across the country to enjoy these dishes because Preux & Proper is here. Located in Downtown LA, wedged between Spring and Main Streets, you might even think for a moment that you are in New Orleans. With second story windows lining the narrow, two story brick building, you can just imagine people throwing down beads. If it wasn't so quiet in this part of town and the patrons were not wearing so many articles of clothing, you’d be fooled. Preux & Proper Exterior As I entered the restaurant, I passed the ground floor bar (Preux) with slushy machines. But, we didn't stop here until we were on the way out. Preux & Proper
If you have been to New Orleans, you have probably been to Bourbon Street. And, if you have been to New Orleans, you probably don’t want to go back to Bourbon Street. After all, New Orleans has plenty of places to drink classic cocktails where you don't have to deal with the madness of the crowds and mediocre drinks on Bourbon Street! 21st Amendment Just off Bourbon Street, on Iberville Street, is 21st Amendment, named after the amendment that repealed Prohibition. As the live jazz music pours out of the doors, you will be drawn into 21st Amendment. But, this is not the place for watered down Jack and Cokes or Hurricanes. With gangster photos hanging on the walls, copper sheeting on the bar, the movie The Godfather playing on the flat screen behind the bar and bartenders in page boy hats and suspenders, you will be taken back in time to the Prohibition Era.
When you think of Jagermeister, does it bring you back to your college days? Or perhaps you secretly enjoy Jagermeister while on a ski trip in the cold of winter. Either way, you probably are embarrassed to admit that you enjoyed this licorice liqueur sometime in your past life. But, I am hear to tell you that you may want to rethink this. At Tales of the Cocktail this year, Jagermeister hosted a Spirited Dinner called Jägermeister’s Summer of Music Spirited Dinner at the Foundation Room at the New Orleans House of Blues. I was intrigued by the invitation. The dinner was limited to 56 guests, one for each of the 56 premium ingredients in Jägermeister’s secret recipe. Jagermeister is an amazing modifier in cocktails. Top bartenders Willy Shine, Sean Kenyon, Ivy Mix and Sean Hoard mixed up delicious cocktails using Jagermeister that paired perfectly with the dinner. Sean Hoard, Sean Kenyon, Ivy Mix and Willy Shine