Divine Bovine Gourmet Jerky

Whether you’re about to head out on a road trip or shuffling through a busy airport, it’s hard to find a healthy on-the-go snack that is nourishing enough to sustain your travels. Often times, that very snack we reach for while we are in between terminals is beef jerky. But, the one problem most of us find with this snack is that it is usually tough on our jaws and not as tender as it is savory. Well, lucky for us, we came across a jerky brand that fixes that problem and is bursting with flavor (and all natural, we might add)!

Divine Bovine Gourmet Beef Jerky started out as a family owned and operated beef jerky brand, and has since expanded, now offering turkey jerky. Although this jerky started out in gourmet, specialty stores, the brand can now be found at many local markets, gas stations, specialty stores and online.

What makes this jerky so tender? After experimenting with different cuts of meat, the owner found that “Brisket of Beef” brought out the most flavor and tenderness. Adding no MSG or nitrates, Divine Bovine uses all natural ingredients and is a low carbohydrate source of protein. Also, no preservatives are added and those of which occur naturally are found in honey.  Aside from being low in fat, sugar and carbohydrates, Divine Bovine is Gluten-Free certified!

Divine Bovine is cleverly named and branded with its slogan, “Holy Cow, It’s Terrific,” and a mascot that bears its heavenly halo. The founder let us in on a secret, in telling us that even his children have taken part in the creation of the logo and writing of the company story. Currently, you can purchase flavors such as: Original, Tangy Teriyaki, Hot and Tangy Teriyaki and Spicy Jalapeno in both beef or turkey. As the company grows, more meat will be introduced, as they are currently working on pork and lamb jerky.

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