Crush On This: What Is Madeira?

What is Madeira? Madeira is the name of an island in Portugal. And Madeira is the name of a wine made on the island. Madeira is a fortified wine. While the enemies of most wines are light, heat, and oxygen, they are not enemies of Madeira. Madeira is the result of centuries-old history. It is a wine that was toasted at the signing of the Declaration of Independence and it is a wine that will excite your palate.  

Join Allison and Cindy and they share what is Madeira Wine and the unique way it is made. 

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0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:42 Where is Madeira?

0:01:26 Madeira is a Fortified Wine

0:01:46 History of Madeira

0:02:20 How Madeira Is Made

0:03:45 Conclusion