Crush On This: The Different Styles of Madeira

Madeira is not the stuff your grandmother cooked with. It is not a drink for old men with cigars in their hands. It is not a wine that is “too sweet”. Madeira is a wine for everyone and every occasion. It is a wine that, with its incredible acidity, excites the palate. It is a wine that can be enjoyed at the start of the evening, with the meal or afterwards.

Join Allison and Cindy as they share different styles of Madeira and find a style for you!

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0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:39 What Is Madeira?

0:01:50 The Grapes of Madeira

0:02:03 Sercial (Dry Madeira) – Blandy’s 10 Years Sercial ($37)

0:03:56 Verdelho (Semi-Dry Madeira) – Vinhos Barbeito Savannah Verdelho Special Reserve ($60) 

0:05:53 Boa (Medium Sweet Madeira) – Justinos 10 Years Old Boal ($55)

0:08:05 Malmsey (Sweet Madeira) – Henriques & Henriques Single Harvest Malvasia 2001 ($112)

0:10:35 Terrantez and Tinta Negra

0:11:05 Conclusion