Caffe Concerto in Koreatown

Heading to Koreatown to eat, it is likely for Korean BBQ. But, located in the heart of Koreatown, off Wilshire, near Western, is the Korean-owned Concerto where Italian cuisine is the main focus.

Concerto looks like a large house with multiple rooms. As you walk in, there is a bar and outdoor patio on the left and a dining room on the right.

As you enter the main door, you will enter a patisserie with a full coffee bar and a colorful display of pastries. Chris Kim, who owns Concerto with his wife Ivy Kim, is an award winning coffee farmer who farms Kona coffee beans in Hawaii. His coffee is available at the coffee bar.

The pastries are all made in house and the most eye-catching are the macarons. A variety of colors and flavors, the macarons are the highlight of Concerto. The macarons are chewy in the center and come in flavors such as yuzu lemon, coconut, dark chocolate, espresso and more.

Upstairs is the main dining room. The decor is eclectic with an exposed brick wall and white columns that look like they were dropped in from Versailles. The tables are all different colors and the chairs are different sizes and shapes. The service is very friendly and polite.

What was surprising was the menu. Pizzas and pastas dominate the menu. If you are looking for something savory, the two pasta dishes I recommend are the Lobster Pasta with a spicy tomato sauce or the creamy and rich Kimchi Carbonara made with kimchi, bacon, onion, pepper, anchovy and cream sauce.

610 S Serrano Ave.
Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Open for brunch, lunch or dinner