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Heading to Koreatown to eat, it is likely for Korean BBQ. But, located in the heart of Koreatown, off Wilshire, near Western, is the Korean-owned Concerto where Italian cuisine is the main focus. Concerto looks like a large house with multiple rooms. As you walk in, there is a bar and outdoor patio on the left and a dining room on the right.
Eight Korean BBQ may sound like a strange name for a Korean BBQ spot but it is named after its main attraction - 8 curated flavors of Mangalitza pork belly. Of course Eight Korean BBQ offers premium cuts of beef and pork but the pork belly eight ways is what sets them apart! Tucked in the back of strip mall in Koreatown, Eight Korean BBQ is a modern style Korean BBQ restaurant. The tables, which have large air vents over them to keep the restaurant from filling with smoke, each come with two gas burners. Most Korean BBQ restaurants only offer a single stove per table but with two stoves, a stew pot can simmer on one while a flat rectangular griddle sits on the other. The seats are round cushioned stools that actually serve as storage areas for purses and jackets. And, all chopsticks, spoons and napkins can be found in a hidden drawer underneath the table.