BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ: It’s All About The Buzz of buzzbox® Premium Cocktails

For the April Issue of BIN Magazine, I had the pleasure to write the feature story about buzzbox® Premium Cocktails.

BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ: It's All About The Buzz of buzzbox® Premium Cocktails

Have you heard the buzz about buzzbox® Premium Cocktails? Using top shelf spirits and all-natural ingredients, buzzbox® Premium Cocktails check all the boxes. They are convenient, portable,
sustainable, recyclable, preservative free, additive free, gluten-free, certified kosher, vegan, and above all, taste good. These ready to drink cocktails, packaged in cartons, will change the way you think of packaged cocktails and have you buzzing.

buzzbox® Premium Cocktails are taking the RTD cocktail category to the next level. Innovators, buzzbox® is the first company to produce great handcrafted spirit-based cocktails in one of the world’s most sustainable packaging. They are revolutionizing the way consumers enjoy portable, bar-quality fresh cocktails at concerts, parties, and outdoor activities by offering all-natural 12-14% ABV cocktails packaged in lightweight, recyclable Tetra Pak packaging.

buzzbox® is the creation of Rod Vandenbos. A former creative director and entrepreneur, he attended many festivals and events as part of his job. Drink offerings should have mass appeal at
these festivals and events, but they should also taste good. People do not want to stand in long lines and pay a lot of money for inconsistent cocktails. Unfortunately, time and again, the largest complaint he would hear at events was that the drinks were unsatisfactory, and beer was the only dependable option. This was the genesis for buzzbox® Premium Cocktails and Vandenbos saw an opportunity.

Vandenbos wanted to change the way people enjoyed cocktails at big events and music festivals. When he told industry experts about his idea of putting great cocktails in sustainable packaging,
he was told it could not be done. As an entrepreneur, being told “no” created a challenge. Vandenbos met with the Tetra Pak company and together they came up with the aseptic packaging that allows them to use top shelf, high proof spirits and all natural ingredients. buzzbox® launched in 2015, shipping product to a lot of local festivals throughout California. In 2018, they were contacted by Whole Foods who agreed to bring them in, and the rest is now history.

Read the entire store in BIN Magazine’s April 2022 Issue.