Yalla Mediterrean Comes to Los Angeles

Fast, fresh and healthy – who doesn’t like that combination? That’s what Yalla Mediterranean offers. With two locations in Northern California, Yalla Mediterranean has come to Los Angeles with a first location in Burbank and Culver City is slated to open in December.

Yalla Mediterranean

Featuring the cuisines of Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Tunisia and Egypt, Yalla Mediterranean celebrates the flavors around the Mediterranean.

Everything at Yalla Mediterranean is custom made-to-order. Stand in line and decide the base you want to start with – falafel, chicken shawarma, chicken skewers, steak skewers, kefta skewers or salmon skewers. All the meats are tasty but the chicken shawarma was a favorite! The kefta meatballs and falafel are both tender and flavorful.

Yalla Mediterranean menu

Once you pick your protein, it is placed on the custom grill, which is both a rotisserie and conveyor, and will cook as you build the rest of your plate. 

Yalla Mediterranean Grill

Next choose if you want a pita wrap, a chopped salad or a Yalla plate. The Yalla Plate comes with basmati rice and seasoned vegetables or spiced lentils.

Yalla Mediterranean Plate

The Yalla Plate also comes with the choice of three Yalla sides – Israeli cous cous, Greek potato salad, medi kale salad, beet & kale salad, Turkish slaw, roasted parsnip salad and  Moroccan carrot salad.

Yalla Mediterranean SidesYalla Mediterranean Sides

A Yalla Plate is a great way to get lots of flavors and will fill you up in a healthy, feel-good way.

Yalla Plate Yalla Plate

If you chose a wrap, you can chose the style of wrap – Greek, Jerusalem, Moroccan, Lebanese. Each style has different fillings.

Yalla Mediterranean Pita Wraps Greek Style Pita WrapYalla Greek Style Wrap

There is also hummus, baba ganoush, french fries with feta sauce and lots of toppings and sauces to add to your order. There are so many choices that you can mix it up every time you go. And, you can wash it all down with fresh lemonade or pomegranate lemonade.

Pomegranate Lemonade and Lemonade

Yalla Mediterranean has taken over former Daphne’s Greek Food locations so there are bound to be more locations opening near you in the future.

Los Angeles Locations:

1781 N Victory Place (Burbank Empire Center)
Burbank, CA 91502

9516 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232