Wheel House Cheese Shop Brings the Cheese Revolution to the West Side of LA!

Wheel House Cheese Shop

First frozen yogurt stores, then wine bars, then cupcake shops seemed to pop up at an alarming rate around the city. Now it’s time for the Cheese Revolution! As cheese stores have been opening on the east side of Los Angeles, there are still only a handful on the westside – Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, Andrew’s Cheese Shop, Wally’s Cheese Box…..and now the Wheel House Cheese Shop!

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Opened in June by Alex Josef and Steve Jones, Wheel House offers a selection of approximately 100 cheeses at any given time. With 30-35% of the selection domestic, there are also cheeses from more than 12 countries. Wheel House even has a few exclusive cheeses that you can only get at their store: Mountain Lodge Farms in Mt Ranier, Washington, Brazos Valley Creamery in Texas and Pholia Farms in Oregon.

Alex Josef (2)

Alex Josef is a self-taught cheesemonger. With a background in PR and marketing in the video game industry, he started to get into food in his free time. Obsessed with cooking shows, he would watch the shows everyday and then buy the ingredients and try the dishes at home. Through the tv shows, eating out and some culinary classes, Alex developed a passion for cheese. He loved the diversity, variety and flavors of cheese. He interned at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and increased his knowledge.

When Alex saw a shop for rent on Washington Blvd. in Culver City, he decided to open his own shop. Steve Jones, who owns The Cheese Bar in Portland, curated the cheeses. The Wheel House offers the highest quality possible. Every cheese is cut to order and packaged by hand. The cheeses are kept tightly wrapped and the cases are kept immaculately clean. 

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Looking to throw a party or just want a few cheeses for before, or after, dinner? The Wheel House offers samples and can help you with selections. They also offer charcuterie, jams, spreads and crackers.

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One day soon, they hope to have a wine and beer license so that they can also sell a selection of affordable, off-the-beaten-path wines and beers to pair with the cheese.

If you are hungry and don’t want to wait to eat the tasty cheeses at home, order a cheese board and head to the back patio of the store to enjoy it.

Wheel House Cheese Board (1)

Wheel House Cheese Shop will be offering classes and other events so that you can learn all about cheese, without intimidation or pretension. Sign up at WheelHouseCheese to be notified of upcoming events.