What Are Orange Wines? – Crush On This Episode 122

Have you heard about orange wine? Have you ever tasted one? We may think of them as a new category in the wine world, but they are, in fact, some of the first wines ever crafted! Orange wines are gaining in popularity worldwide as more and more wine consumers are introduced to this style. Skin contact (maceration) brings not only colour to wine but also complexity and texture. In this video, we discuss what makes an orange wine and what grape varieties can be used. 

Featured Wines:

Christine’s Wine: Groundwork Wine Company Picpoul Carbonique 2021 Paso Robles AVA ($16 USD)

Cindy’s Wine: Troon Vineyard 2021 Kubli Bench Amber, Applegate Valley, Oregon ($35 USD)

Allison’s Wine: Two Shepherds 2021 Pinot Gris Skin Fermented, Clarbec Vineyard, Sonoma Valley ($32 USD)


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