The World of Grenache - Crush On This Episode 62 - Please The Palate
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The World of Grenache – Crush On This Episode 62

Whether you call it Grenache, Garnacha, Cannonau (or something else) there’s a wine of this variety from somewhere in the world for you! You may find this red wine grape in a blend, in a rose or a fortified wine and each style expresses a special characteristic depending on where it’s grown. Look for a bottle of Grenache and indulge in rich, sultry flavors that are elegant and food friendly. Explore Grenache around the world!

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Allison’s Wine: Piazza Family Wines 2019 Grenache, Bella Vista Vineyard, Ballard Canyon ($38)

Cindy’s Wine: Borsao Tres Picos Garnacha 2018, Campo de Borja, Spain ($16)