Sparking Tequila? TeQava is the Answer

TeQavaSparkling tequila? Yes!! Launched in January 2013, TeQava is the newest product in the tequila category. It is a natural sparkling tequila cocktail. TeQava is the answer for cocktail drinkers looking for a premium tequila experience without the harsh flavor and burn of most tequila. TeQava is an entryway into enjoying tequila, offering customers something different, something refreshing, sweet, and bubbly.

Taking its name from the words Tequila (TeQ) and Cava (ava), the Spanish word for sparkling wine, TeQava is the first in its class of ready to serve tequila cocktails. Served in a 375ml bottle and imported by Sparkling Tequila, LLC in Encino, California, TeQava is the first certified “Coctel de Tequila” by the Tequila governing body, the CRT, for export. TeQava is produced by a leading tequila distillery from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. With a long history of responsible tequila making and a familial atmosphere, Atotonilco Distillery is well-known as the source of many top-shelf tequila brands.

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