Please The Palate Wine of the Week: Two Shepherds 2019 ‘Bucking Luna’ Sparkling Cinsault – Sparkling Wine in a Can

Canned wine is increasingly trendy. I have tasted a few but they have not “knocked my socks off”. That was until I tried the Two Shepherds 2019 ‘Bucking Luna’ Sparkling Cinsault. A lightly carbonated wine in a can, the Two Shepherds 2019 ‘Bucking Luna’ Sparkling Cinsault is the Please The Palate wine of the week.

A canned wine is perfect for parties, for picnics, for concerts in the park or by the pool. When you cannot have a glass bottle, a can comes in handy. But cans also have the advantage of chilling faster and are easy to transport. A can offers a lighter and greener way to package wine. It is less expensive to ship and can be recycled. And, a single 350-millilitre can is actually half a bottle of wine!

The Two Shepherds 2019 ‘Bucking Luna’ Sparkling Cinsault was inspired by the birth of their mini baby donkey Luna Donata. Luna Donata was a surprise birth and she quickly stole hearts on the Two Shepherds Instagram page. All of the Two Shepherds wines have their various farm animals on their wine labels. As the newest member of the family, Luna Donata was  a perfect fit for the newest wine offering from Two Shepherds. And, Luna Donata was born only one week before Shelter In Place started and so she is aptly kicking Covid on the label.

The Two Shepherds 2019 ‘Bucking Luna’ Sparkling Cinsault is a blend of 75% cinsault and 25% carignan. The Cinsault was sourced form the Windmill Vineyards in Yolo County and the Carignan is sourced from the organically certified Trimble Vineyard in Hopland, Mendocino. The Cinsault was destemmed and spent three days on the skins with the intention to make a rose wine. The Carignan went through carbonic maceration, in which the fermentation starts inside the berry. Typically the Carbonic Carignan is bottled into a single varietal wine but they decided to blend 25 percent in with the rose of Cinsault. The two wines were blended, lightly carbonated, chilled and then canned.

The final wine is lightly carbonated and only 10.5% alcohol. The aromatics are very fresh with notes of red fruits, black cherry, pomegranate and tropical flowers. On the palate, the wine is bright and juicy with a really lovely mouthfeel. This is a very sippable wine.

There was a total of 225 cases of 24 -375 ml cans produced and it has been selling like crazy. Each can sells for $11. As there are two glasses/half a bottle in each can, think of it as $22 for one bottle or two cans of wine.

Chill before enjoying and pour it in a glass. The Two Shepherds 2019 ‘Bucking Luna’ Sparkling Cinsault is definitely my summer sipper!  Order yours before it sells out!