Please The Palate Wine of the Week: Mionetto 2019 Prosecco Rosé DOC

After a crazy year, we can celebrate! Pink Prosecco is here! It is officially recognized by the DOC and coming to the United States. Leading Prosecco producer Mionetto is one of the first to release their Prosecco Rosé. From the pretty pink color to the light, fresh flavor, the Mionetto 2019 Prosecco Rosé DOC is the Please The Palate Wine of the Week!

Mionetto, founded in 1887 in the village of Valdobbiadene, is one of the area’s oldest wine producers. With a history of more than 130 years, Mionetto is credited with bringing Prosecco to the United States.

Prosecco is an established category. It is a sparkling white wine made from the Glera grape and produced in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions in northern Italy. Prosecco producers have also made sparkling rosé wines using the indigenous varieties Raboso and Lagrein. But, due to a lack of definition, sparkling rosé could not be called Prosecco.

Per usual, everyone had an opinion about making sparkling rosé and finally, over the last two years, the consortium defined the process. In April 2020, they finalized the legalities with the EU and finally Prosecco Rosé DOC was approved and production could start on July 7, 2020.

Prosecco Rosé DOC must be a minimum of 85% Glera and a maximum of 15% Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir). There is a short maceration time on the skins to achieve a color that the Consortium defined as “pink more or less intense, shining, and with a persistent foam.” The final product can range from Brut Nature to Extra Dry and all labels must include the word “Millesimato” (which means “vintage”) and the vintage itself.

The Mionetto 2019 Prosecco Rosé DOC is made from 90% Glera and 10% Pinot Nero. The juice spends a few days on the skins and then the grapes are gently pressed. The wine is stored in stainless steel and undergoes the Charmot method. The resulting wine is a peachy pink color. It has a pretty nose of green apple, cherry, strawberries and citrus. The wine is 11% alc and is “extra dry, with 14-17g/l of sugar. The acidity is bright and sharp and balances the sweetness. On the palate, the wine is fruity, crisp and elegant.

Mionetto was one of the first in line to produce Prosecco Rosé and began as soon as possible on July 7th. The first date to ship Prosecco Rosé was November 15th and Mionetto shipped their first shipment to New York on November 16th, just in time for the holidays!

The Mionetto 2019 Prosecco Rosé DOC can be enjoyed with fresh seafood or grilled fish but is lovely to sip on its own. And, retailing for $15, you can enjoy a lot of it!