Please The Palate Wine of the Week: Cantine Statti Gaglioppo 2018

When in Calabria, drink Calabrian wine. This week I find myself in Calabria in the south of Italy and hence that is what I am drinking. There is Grecco Bianco, Mantonico, Grecco Nero, Magliocco and Gaglioppo, five indigenous grapes grown in the region. Enjoyable to drink and even more fun to say, the Cantine Statti Gaglioppo 2018 Calabria is the Please The Palate Wine of the Week.

Located in the very south of Italy (think of the foot of the boot, minus the heel, which is Puglia), Calabria is a region that has more than 500 miles of coast and yet more than 90% of the land consists of hills and mountains. Located in the center of Calabria is Lemezia Terme, also called the “land of the two seas” because it sits between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea.

While Reggio Calabria, the region on the southern tip of Calabria, is known as the land of Grecco di Bianco, and Ciro, the region on the eastern side of Calabria, is known as the land of Gaglioppo, Lemezia Terme in the center of Calabria is where all five of the indigenous grapes of the region are grown. That is where Cantine Statti is located.

Statti was established in 1784 and today is run by 4th generation brothers Antonio and Alberto Statti. The 500 hectare property is home to 300 hectares of olive trees (they make delicious extra virgin olive oil), 100 hectares of vines, 50 hectares of citrus and 50 hectares of corn which feeds the 800 cows that they have for dairy and meat.

The Statti Gaglioppo 2018 spent three months in stainless steel and is 13% alcohol. This IGT wine is a ruby red color with aromas of cherry, plum, as well as flowers and spice. The wine is fresh and juicy with a touch of spice on the palate and a medium + finish.

This is a great wine to enjoy with pasta or tuna but would also be good to pair with roasted chicken. Put a little chill on the wine and enjoy it dining alfresco with grilled swordfish, as I did!

Are you still wondering how to say Gaglioppo? Try saying “gah-L’YEE-OHP-poh”. Practice it a few times and it will roll off the tongue. You will enjoy saying it and will want to head out and find one to drink!  The Statti Gaglioppo retails for approximately $17. I was in Italy when I tasted this wine so I drank the 2018 but the 2017 is what is currently available in the US.