PDX: Bar Hopping Around Portland

While in Portland for Portland Cocktail Week, we tried to hit a few bars in between the classes, parties and other events. In addition to the brand new Multnomah Whisk(e)y Library that is a definite must, here are a few other bars worth a visit:

The Rookery at Raven & Rose
1331 SW Broadway., Portland, OR 97201
(503) 222-7673

In Portland’s historic Ladd Carriage House, you will find the English countryside inspired farmhouse, Raven and Rose. Inspired by Irish and British dining, the ingredients are simple, yet their attention to detail is flawless. Aside from a great meal, the environment provides a cozy haven that welcomes locals and visitors alike to dine in and enjoy their historical cocktail menu.


The Secret Society
116 NE Russell St, Portland, OR 97212
(503) 493-3600

If you’re into old speakeasys for anything that takes you back in time, then the Secret Society is a venue worth checking out. This 1907 Victorian era hall has been home to fraternities, artists and musicians and countless underground old-school society events. Lucky for us, the old-world mystique is still alive and roaring throughout their ballroom, cocktail lounge and recording studio. While we were waiting for our table at Toro Bravo, located next door, we enjoyed some cocktails from the lounge, while enjoying the vintage elements throughout. Because the lounge’s capacity caps off at just 50, this cozy environment is perfect for a happy hour bite or intimate date.

Teardrop Lounge
1015 Northwest Everett St., Portland, OR 97209
(503) 445-8109

Teardrop, located in the Pearl District, is one of the oldest craft cocktail bars in Portland. Teardrop is founded on their belief in the cocktail Renaissance and has demonstrated this through their staff, ingredients, precision, and respect for the classics. They even have their own Golden Rule as to how they operate by: the finished product relies entirely upon the quality of source ingredients. Aside from mastering a knowledge of spirits, the freshness, detail and final pour comes down to whats inside, and they ensure that it will be only the finest.

Rum Club
720 SE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97214
(503) 467-2469

Located in Portland’s Industrial District, Rum Club is an industry favorite and has quite a comprehensive rum selection. Opened in 2011, by partners Mike Shea and Kevin Ludwig, the duo makes many of the cocktail ingredients in-house, including syrups, grenadine and even their house tonic water. The atmosphere is inviting yet intimate due to its small quarters and dim lighting .