Maude Journeys to Burgundy for the Spring 2018 Menu

For wine lovers, Burgundy is Mecca. It is one of the world’s most prestigious wine regions. While traveling to Burgundy is preferred, from April to June, Maude Restaurant brought Burgundy to us as Burgundy was the wine region that inspired the second region featured this year.

Burgundy is in the eastern region of France. It is only 75 miles long and runs form Dijon in the north to Macon in the south. Burgundy is divided into five main wine regions: Chablis and Auxerrois, Cote de Nuits, Cote de Beaune, Cote Chalonnaise, and Maconnais.

The Maude team traveled to Burgundy earlier this year to explore the region. This is a region known for its wines but also for its gastronomy with specialties such as dijon mustard, coq au vin, beef bourguignon, Burgundy snails, cassis and epoisses de Bourgogne cheese. From their travels, they created a delicious 10-course meal that was beautifully executed and it embodied the tradition and elegance of Burgundy.

Hor D’oeuvres – Served on silver trays, we enjoyed bite sized asparagus tarts, olive tapinade, a savory dill macaron with smoked salmon and gouges with Comte cheese.

Vegetables Warmed with Goats’ Butter – This was the most colorful, delicate dish of summer vegetables including radish, peas and squash coated in goats’ butter.

Escargot in Herb Butter –  Unfortunately, much of the snail industry has left France but the Maude team visited one local artisan snail producer, Sylvain Peyrot. Not only did they enjoy a home cooked meal with Sylvain Peyrot, but the snails we enjoyed were from his farm in Burgundy. And they were delicious, coated in herbed butter and then placed with a crunchy brioche.

Prawn Bisque – While dining with Sylvain Peyrot, the team also enjoyed a traditional, yet simple, crayfish bisque. For our meal, Executive Chef Justin Hilbert added a California touch by replacing crayfish with Santa Barbara spot prawns. This dish was both rich and delicate and was just perfection.

Turbot with Ham and Parsley – Ham terrine is everywhere in Burgundy. With that in mind, they served turbot with jambon and parsley puree in a jambon stock.

Roasted Foie Gras with Peas and Morels – A French meal without foie gras is not a French meal. The foie gras melted in the mouth and the richness was balanced by the freshness of the peas and earthiness of the morels.

Charcuterie of Rabbit – Inspired by the Dijon Farmers Market, we enjoy rabbit served seven ways, including gelee, mousse and a little leg of rabbit, and, of course, Dijon mustard.

Roast Lamb with Buttered Potatoes and Spinach – This was such a simple dish and yet so full of flavor.

We then left the dining room and went upstairs to the private lounge where we were greeted with a selection of cheeses and a selection of desserts.

And throughout the meal, we enjoyed a selection of gorgeous Burgundian wines, thanks to my dining companions.

Maude, yet again, offered a memorable menu filled with delicious bites filled with flavor. I look forward to the next wine region to be featured – the Central Coast.