Magnificent Malbec from Argentina – Crush On This Episode 39

In today’s episode, we invite you to travel with us to the beautiful country of Argentina to explore their signature grape variety – Malbec. The grape was introduced to Argentina in the mid 19th century from France. Malbec is characterized by its deep colour, intense fruity flavours and velvety texture. It can range in style as an easy-going wine to incredibly complex and structured. We celebrate World Malbec Day in this episode of Crush On This.


Allison’s Wine: Terrazas de los Andes Afincado Malbec 2004, Mendoza, Argentina ($55 USD)

Cindy’s Wine: Salentein Reserve Malbec 2018 Valle de Uco, Mendoza ($20 USD)

Christine’s Wine: Susana Balbo Wines Ben Marco Expresivo 2018 Gualtallary Valle de Uco Mendoza ($48 CAD)