Likable Pinot Gris – Crush On This Episode 35

In today’s episode, we celebrate Pinot Gris alongside the female winemakers that made them. Yes, each of our wines is crafted by a talented winemaker from British Columbia to California to Alsace.  

Pinot Gris has grown in popularity over the past decade and is known by 19 different names internationally.  The most common being Pinot Grigio.  Pinot Gris is also one of the seven allowed varieties in Champagne and it was originally called Fromenteau.  It can be full-bodied, textural and spicy like those made in Alsace or light, crisp and fruity like the Pinot Grigio made in Italy.

Join us as we explore Pinot Gris: 

Allison’s Wine: Alma Rosa La Encantada Vineyard 2019 Pinot Gris, Sta. Rita Hills ($32 USD)

Cindy’s Wine: Trimbach Pinot Gris 2016 Reserve, Alsace ($20 USD)

Christine’s Wine: Stag’s Hollow 2019 Pinot Gris Okanagan Falls B.C. VQA ($26 CAD)