Hinoki and the Bird

Every year for my birthday I try to find a new restaurant to try with my family. What better way to celebrate than to enjoy a new place with family while getting to try lots of dishes and sharing. In perfect timing, David Myers’ Hinoki and the Bird opened just in time to be the restaurant of choice.

I had been sad when Sona closed as some of my first real foodie experiences were at Sona. But, David is back with Hinoki and the Bird, located in the basement of a luxury condo building in Century City that is not so easy to find (my GPS was confused and I had to make 2 calls to the restaurant to make sure I was in the right place).  We arrived and were greeted by the valets, still not sure what to expect. But, once the big wooden doors opened, we stood looking out over the entire restaurant.  From the bustling bar to the open kitchen, the room was filled with energy.

Chef David Myers100_2376

First order of business was to order a few cocktails. Both the Seasonal Fix (vodka and lemon over muddled grapes) and the Griffith Park Swizzle (bourbon, mint, lime, bitters and absinthe) were fresh, bright cocktails to start off the night.

Seasonal Fix Griffith Park Swizzle

We moved to our table on the patio which was dimly lit.  We began to peruse the menu and naming each item that we wanted to try.  The menu that David Myers and his executive chef, Kuniko Yagi, a native of Japan, have designed is a California restaurant with Japenese influence in style and flavor.  Here is a snapshot of all the great flavors!

Housemade Pickels

Assorted housemade pickles

Marinated Tuna

Marinated tuna with lemongrass salad

Beef Tartare

Beef tartare with pickled jalapeno and parmigiano

Kale Salad

Kale served crispy and raw with curried almonds, pecorino and red wine vinaigrette

Crispy Marinated Chicken

Crispy Marinated Chicken with Lemon Aoli

Scottish salmon

Simply Grilled Scottish Salmon

Grilled winter mushrooms, sea salt, lime

Grilled winter mushrooms with sea salt and lime

Hinoki scented black cod, sweet potato, pistachio 1 Hinoki scented black cod, sweet potato, pistachio 2

Sambal Skate Wing

Sambal skate wing

Hinoki scented black cod with sweet potato and pistachio

Miso marinated skirt steak 1

Miso marinated skirt steak

And then of course, dessert…..

Chocolate-Praline, Malt Sponge Cake, Milk Chocolate Jelly, Cocoa Nib

Chocolate-Praline malt sponge cake, milk chocolate jelly and cocoa nibs

Zephyr Namelaka, Yuzu, Arare

Zaphyr Cake with namelaka, yuzu and arare

Black Sesame Mochi, Lemon, Hibiscus CaramelMiso Mochi, Butterscotch, Togarashi


Homemade Mochi rice creams – Miso Mochi with butterscotch and togarashi and Black Sesame Mochi with lemon and hibiscus

I am lucky to have a family that likes to try a variety of dishes and we definitely filled up!  My birthday dinner at Hinoki and the Bird sure did please our palates!  I will be back…..and will not be waiting for a special event for the next visit.

Hinoki and the Bird
10 W. Century Drive, Century City