Got Kosher? There Is More To It Than The Name

Got Kosher?

Got Kosher? Located on Pico Blvd, near Robertson, the restaurant sounds like all of its neighbors, another kosher restaurant. But, what the name doesn’t tell you is that Got Kosher? is serving up the wildly undiscovered Tunisian cuisine…..and it’s really good!

Got Kosher?

Tunisian food is the “comfort food of the Middle East,” explained owner and chef Alain Cohen. In the center of the Mediterranean, Tunisia has been influenced by the Berbers, Romans, Greeks, Palestinian Jews, Spanish and Portuguese Jews, French and Sicilians, dating back as far as 586 BC. Each state of history has added strata to the cuisine. While other cuisines have an acquired taste, Tunisian cuisine, which includes couscous, tagine and grilled fish, is universally accepted.

Alain Cohen

Don’t let the name deter you. What does it mean that it’s kosher, especially if you don’t keep kosher? It means that at this restaurant you will eat a lot of meat and vegetables and there will be no shellfish or dairy. It’s as simple as that.

In fact, if you are familiar with Middle Eastern cuisine, you will recognize many items on the menu, such as the Mediterranean plate. The hummus and smoky babaganoush are some of the best I have had. There is also spicy eggplant, tapenade, harissa, falafels and israeli salad. In and of itself, this is a perfect dish for lunch.

Mediterranean Plate

Alain’s Tunisian Tuna Sandwich – Olive oil-packed tuna, israeli salad, potato, hardboiled egg, preserved lemon, olives and capers on a stirato bun dressed with mechouia and harissa – We got it deconstructed but it normally comes as a sandwich.

Alain's Tunisian Tuna Sandwich Deconstructed

Kansas-Style Pulled Beef Brisket Sandwich – a little sweet with house-made coleslaw on a stirato bun. If you like your brisket a little spicy, there is the Memphis-style sandwich.

Kansas-Style Pulled Beef Brisket Sandwich

Schwar-guez – a house specialty, this is GK?’s take on schwarma. It’s ground beef with merguez sausage spices and grille don a schwarma pit, served with shredded cabbage, tomatoes, onions and creamy lemon-garlic sauce on a pita.


PLT Crispy Pastrami – Served on toasted rye with lettuce, tomato and dijonnaise, if you like pastrami, this sandwich is for you.

PLT Crispy Pastrami

Don’t miss the fries that come with the sandwiches. With salt and rosemary, they are actually pretty healthy! The fries are partially steamed and then quickly fried so they are not oily or greasy.

French Fries

Whether lunch or dinner, Got Kosher? has comfort food that is also healthy!

Got Kosher? Restaurant and Cafe
8914 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles