French Sauvignon Blanc Styles – Crush On This Episode 42

When did you taste Sauvignon Blanc last? This fascinating variety expresses an array of aromas and flavors depending on where it’s cultivated! In this episode we’ll taste Sauvignon Blanc from three unique areas of the world and discover its many expressions. From Sauvignon Blanc in British Columbia to Sancerre to Sauterne, learning about Sauvignon Blanc is delicious!

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Allison’s Wine: Chateau Guiraud Sauternes Semillon 2008, Bordeaux, France ($45USD approximately)

Cindy’s Wine: La Perriere Sancerre 2019 ($25 USD)

Christine’s Wine: Mouton Cadet Baron Phillippe de Rothschild Bordeaux Blanc 2019 Bordeaux, France ($15.99 CAD)