Five Fun Wine Facts About Pinot Noir – Crush On This Episode 119

It’s one of the most beloved red wines in the world. Collectors love it, foodies love it, we all love it. It is Pinot Noir. And we should know all about this wonderful grape. In this episode, we share five fun wine facts about Pinot Noir. Enjoy the video, give it a like, let us know your favorite book and wine pairing and subscribe to our channel for more.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:55 Origins of Pinot Noir
0:02:02 Where is Pinot Noir Grown?
0:02:48 Flavor Profile of Pinot Noir
0:03:26 Styles of Pinot Noir
0:04:10 Food Pairing with Pinot Noir
0:05:01 Conclusion